The Letting Go

2014 25 minutes (clip above)

Workshop premiere Risk/Reward Festival Artist Repertory Theater Portland Oregon June 20 - 22 2014
Work in progress - 20 minute version of an evening length performance. 

Caught in a flashlights beam, objects spill across the floor, specters float, and ghosts tip toe around a sleeping boy. Shadows, miniature sets, stop-motion animation and puppets inhabit this chilling story. This is the story of a succubus. It's a true story. I woke up with the sheets tied around my ankles, he out of a dream where she had kissed him deeply. We both heard her bang around, slam the door. 

Director/designer/writer – Laura Heit
Video Programing - Peter Ksander
Lighting design – Laura Heit Miranda K. Hardy
Music composition - Jordan Dykstra
Stage manager/Operator - Jenn Lindell
Puppeteers: Emlyn Thompson, Marisa Kanai, Alan Cline