2015 Animated Installation

A hand-drawn animated installation, Hypothetical Stars  employs the artist's marks as interventions into 16mm footage taken from the NASA Apollo 12 mission. Being the mission after the first moon landing, it was notable for being the first to bring a color TV camera. And for the fact that,  upon landing, the camera was pointed at the sun and inadvertently destroyed, immediately terminating the television broadcast. This piece asks us to consider a new view of that which we cannot see with the naked eye, where images sent back from the outer reaches are not seen as scientific truth but as deeply connected to our own desires and mirrors of our unconscious. Hypothetical Stars uses thrown shadows from tabletop dioramas and reflected and refracted animated projections to create a universe of hypothetical stars, moons, and planets. This installation coincides with two films completed in 2015 based on NASA footage released in the Spring of 2015.


Originally Commissioned by Richard Herskowitz for the 2015 Houston Cinema Arts Festival.

Support in part by a Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant

Photos: Mario Gallucci Studio


2017 Delectricity. Detroit Institute of the Arts. Detroit, MI. Sept. 22 - 23

2017 Nightlights, Projection on the RACC building, north Park blocks Portland, OR. Feb. 3

2016 Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID. Nov. 1 2016 - Feb. 22 2017

2016 Nine Gallery, Portland OR June 2 July 3 

2015 Spaceness, Seaview, WA. Feb. 

2015 Cinespace, She Works Flexible, Houston TX. Nov. 12 - Dec. 15